Raisina Dialogue 2016 – All things you should know about it

Today we discuss about Raisina Dialogue 2016 which can be a favourite topic for UPSC and other exams. We will know today why this dialogue was in news recently and what this dialogue actually is. We have gathered information from PIB, Wiki, the Hindu, GKtoday, INSIGHTS and collected in one place. We will know about its agenda and features. The name of its theme we will also mention today. Which place it took place, we will come to know in this article.


What is Raisina Dialogue?

Indian Government on 1 March 2016 started a 3-day international event to consolidate its growing geo- political imprint. Raisina Dialogue is the name of this ambitious event which is featuring over 450 participants from 40 countries.

Please explain more about its agenda

Explanation: “Raisina Dialogue” is fashioned on the lines of the famous annual Shangrila Dialogue held in Singapore where world leaders descend to discuss strategic issues concerning the world. The event was inaugurated by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

  • The ambitious event is being organised by the Ministry of External Affairs in association with Indian think tank, ORF focusing on the theme of “India: Regional and Global Connectivity”.
  • “Raisina Dialogue” is expected to engage with geopolitics and geo- economics and designed to explore and examine the prospects and opportunities for Asian integration as well as Asia‟s integration with the larger world.

Where Raisina Dialogue took place?

India hosted a first of its kind conference on Geo politics in the capital, called the Raisina Dialogue which had invitees from various other countries also.

  • This international conclave on geopolitics and geo-economics was hosted in Delhi.

This conference is structured as a multi-stakeholder, cross-sectorial conclave, involving policy and decision makers, including cabinet ministers from various Governments, high-level Government officials and policy practitioners, leading personalities from business and industry, and members of the strategic community, media and academia.

What was the theme of Raisina Dialogue 2016? (Source: The Hindu, GKtoday)

The theme of the dialogue was “Asia: Regional and Global Connectivity” which tries to capture the various facets of these ambition.

It is predicated on India’s vital role in the Indian Ocean Region and how India along with its partners can build a stable regional and world order. The 2016 conclave will focus on Asia’s physical, economic, digital connectivity and fostering common global spaces with an emphasis on Asia.

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