Rodrigo Duterte sworned in as new president of Philippines

On 30th June 2016, Rodrigo Duterte sworned in as 16th president of Philippines for six year term. He succeeded Benigno Aquino III.  The new president of the Philippines has promised to be “relentless” in the fight against crime. Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in Thursday. He won the office on his promise to defeat crime and corruption within six months. Duterte, 71, won last month’s election in a landslide after a campaign dominated by threats to kill tens of thousands of criminals in a relentless war on crime, and tirades against the nation’s elite that cast him as an incendiary, anti-establishment hero.

Rodrigo Duterte Background

• He was born in 1945 into a political family with a modest background.

 He is among the longest-serving mayors in the Philippines and has been mayor of Davao City working out more than 22 years.

• He is also known as “Dirty Harry” and often compared to the US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

• He captured the public imagination after promising to improve security by killing 100000 suspected criminals.

• As the mayor of Davao he gained popularity across the archipelago, where crime rates dropped drastically under his leadership.

• He has also served as vice-mayor and as congressman for the city.

• He is a lawyer by profession is nicknamed as ‘Digong’, ‘The Punisher’.

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