Chief Ministers of Indian States

This is updated list of the chief ministers of Indian states. The data is updated till 20 Feb 2016-2017. If you find any error, kindly update us in comment section below. In the Republic of India, a Chief Minister is the elected head of government of each of twenty-nine states and two union territories (Delhi and Puducherry). Chief Minister is the real head of a state, unlike the Governor, who is the ceremonial head. Since India has adopted the Westminster Model of constitutional democracy, it is the CM who oversees the day-to-day functioning of the state government. If you want to download this list as PDF, kindly see this webpage from your computer and click PDF icon given above the post’s title. Click here to see latest Governor list of India.

chief ministers

Here is the list of the Chief Ministers of Indian States (Updated 2016-17)

(Updated data 2016–at the bottom) Check it out

PDF Download at the bottom. Here we have compiled all names of Indian governors (last updated May 2016). You can download its PDF from the bottom link.

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