IBPS PO 3 Exam – 19th Oct Morning Shift GK/Banking questions asked

1 Full form of SLR:—Statutory Liquidity Ratio
2 Bank Rate on 20th September 2013:—9.50%
3 Which of the following is not a type of an asset?—Loss
4 After how much time is an asset declared NPA?—90 days
5 SARFAESI Act:— Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 related with NPA
6 Which of the following terms is related to cricket?— T20
7 Tagore Award 2013 for cultural harmony:—Zubin Mehta
8 Father of mouse:—Douglas Engelbart
9 MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
10 28th Prime Minister of Australia—Tony Abbot
11 CCTV stands for— Closed Circuit Television
12 28th Member of European Union—Croatia
13 IMEI is related to—Mobile
14 Debentures are Medium to long term debt instruments
15 National Award for wholesome entertainment—Vicky Donor
16 Who has never been a Member of Parliament—Amitabh Bachchan
17 Limit of Micro enterprise as per MSMED Act,2006—25 lakhs
18 The ‘Lowland Writer’ author nominated for Man Booker award Jhumpa Lahiri
19 Related to MGNREGA and BASEL
20 Credit information is collected and recorded by—CIBIL
21 Which of the following can not be used as a proof of identification—Electricity Bill
22 Fiscal Deficit target—4.80%
23 Microprocessor manufacturing company—Intel
24 Tablet produced by Microsoft—Surface
25 Raghuram Rajan’s recent monitory policy give more importance to?—Inflation
26 Raj Bhasa Award given by RBI to?—Punjab National Bank
27 Low housing Scheme- —India signed USD 100 million agreement with World Bank
28 India’s official entry to the Oscars this year —The Good Road
29 The winner of 2013 edition of the Asia cup hockey tournament held in Ipoh, Malaysia—South Korea
30 Jal Satyagraha, a protest in which people immerse themselves in the river, was recently staged in—Madhya Pradesh
31 India’s position in coffee production in 2012, according to the data released by International Coffee Organisation—seventh
32 International Day of Charity—5th Sep
33 Brand Ambassador for the tobacco control programme—Rahul Dravid
34 International Day of Democracy—15th sep
35 The country that has developed world’s first zinc-enriched rice variety capable of fighting diarrhoea and pneumonia-induced childhood deaths and stunted growth—Bangladesh
36 International day of Peace—21st Sep
37 New chairman of Intellectual property Appellate Tribunal— KN Basha
38 Nobel laureate poet of Ireland who passed away recently— Seamus Heaney
39 First man-made object to leave the solar system—Voyager-1
40 The office that maintains the official crime data in India —NCRB
41 The country that launched its low cost rocket name Epsilon recently—Japan
42 The cyclist who became the planet’s fastest cyclist paddling his cycle to a record 133.78kmph speed—Sebastiaan Bowier
43 PAN card— essential for how much money transaction Rs 50,000
44 BRICS initial Fund for setting Up capital— USD 100 billion
45 INS SindhuRakshak Made by which country? —Russia
46 Humming Bird Algorithm is made by which company?— Google
47 Brach On Wheels initiative taken by which bank?—ICICI Bank
48 Federal Chairman—Jennet Yellen (Was Ben Bernanke)
49 Where is national institute of sports located—Patiala
50 Who is Britain’s PM—David Cameron
51 MNREGA guarantees how many days of work in rural area?— 100 Days
52 Limit of Micro Enterprise as per MSME act 2006—25 lakh
53 Largest Producer of Gold— China

IBPS PO 3 Exam – 19th Oct Evening Shift GK/Banking questions asked

Sl No. Questions Asked Answers
1 Who is the new president of Pakistan? Mamnoon Hussain
2 Geeta Phogat is related to which game? Wrestling
3 Full form of IFSC? Indian Financial System Code
4 What is the current SLR? 23%
5 BTM stands for? Banking Through Mobile
6 Name the Prime Minister of Bhutan? Tshering Tobgay
7 Name the Bengali film Director who died recently? Rituporno Ghosh
8 Which program has been changed to new name “swarna jyanti rojgar yojna”? Nehru Rozgar Yojana (NRY) and National urban livelihood mission
9 Banking Ombudsman issued by? RBI
10 Which country will be hosting the 2020 Olympic Games? Japan (Tokyo)
11 RBI is going to issue plastic note of ________ rupees. Rs 10
12 Among BSE and NIFTY which has been established first in India? BSE
13 Film and Television Institute of India is situated at? Pune
14 Name the chemical used in Syria attack?  Sarin Gas
15 Where is the head quarters of Bharathiya Mahila Bank, the first all women bank in India?  New Delhi
16 Prime Minister’s key economic adviser C Rangarajan lowered the growth forecast for the current fiscal to ________ per cent? 5.30%
17 Current Marginal Standing Facility (MSF)? 9.5 per cent
18 RIDF maintained by? NABARD
19 What is FACTORING?
20 Food security bill how much percent people benefited 67%
21 Who won Jnanpith award 2012? Ravuri Bhardwaj
22 NOKIA was recently acquired by? Microsoft
23 PMEAC report India’s growth rate as ________. 5.30%
24 R.Chandrashekhar is the Chairman of? NASSCOM

IBPS PO GA Questions (20-10-2013) – Morning Session

1. Director of the bollywood film Satyagraha — Prakash Jha
2. The first Indian-origin Miss America 2013 — Nina Davuluri
3. Reserve Bank of India hiked Repo Rate on Sept 20, 2013 by — 25 basis point to 7.5%
4. The limit of Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS) hiked to — Rs. 12 Lakh per year
5. Which bank headquarter not in kolkata
6. NEFT is used for
7. ATM wrong deduction to be refunded within
8. Which country become the 28th member of EU — Croatia
9. When RBI wants to absorb liquidity from market increase reverse repo,decrease repo or increase crr
10. Head of Committee on Gold — K U B Rao
11. Next G-8 Summit will be held in
12. Which book is not written by Chetan Bhagat
13. Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana
14. Wheat ,Bajra comes under rabi or kharif crop
15. GDP Growth Forecast by CSO for 2013-14
16. Name the joint venture of Tata Sons-Singapore Airlines — Tata SIA Airlines Ltd
17. No. 1 Stock Exchange in the World — NYSE/ Nasdaq
18. Award given to Finance Minister P Chidambaram by ET Awards — Business Reformer Award
19. Balance Sheet indicates what
20. What do you understand by TLE in POS machine — Terminal Line Encryption
21. G20 Summit 2013 Venue — Saint Petersburg, Russia
22. At a time what is maximum limit of Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account (BSBDA) — Rs 50, 000
23. Infosys launches new version of banking solution — Finacle11
24. MacMohan Line between which countries – India and China
25. Who developed rupee symbol – Udaya Kumar
26. CEO of Women Bank –
27. Full form of EASIEST — Electronic Accounting System in Excise and Service Tax
28. Who is the Chief of Forward Markets Commission (FMC) — Shri Ramesh Abhishek
29. Who among the following is not a member of Parliament
30. New Director General of CPRF – Dilip Trivedi
31. Micro finance Maximum investment Limit
32. IFSC Code is needed in?
33. Information technology Act in which year?
34. Who is the first indian to win shooting competion in world championship —
Rahi Sarnobat
35. Where has ONGC opened new gas based power plant recently?
36. Adviced Limit of draft granted by cheque?
37. 726 MW ONGC power project in which North-Eastern state — Tripura
38. The 78-year-old RBI history book released by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ‘RBI History — Looking Back and Looking Ahead’
39. Full Form of TLE
40. Mandatory for companies to spend at least 2% of net profits on-CSR

IBPS PO 3 Exam – 20th Oct Evening Shift GK/Banking questions asked

Sl No. Questions Asked Answers
1 Which bank Head Quarters is not in Mumbai (Options: BOI, DENA BANK, Indian Bank)? Indian Bank
2 World women Day 8th March
3 WHO Headquarter?  Geneva, Switzerland
4 Beirut is the capital of?  Lebanon
5 Full form of GAAR? General Anti Avoidance Rule
6 Name the new Prime Minister of Zimbabwe? Robert Mugabe
7 In Which stock exchange MIBOR is operating (BSE, NSE, etc)?  NSE (MIBOR – Mumbai Inter-Bank Offer Rate)
8 Full form of REER? Real Effective Exchange Rate
9 Gold jewel import tax? 15%
10 FII invests in Indian market through?(Participatory notes, treasury bill, Commercial papers) Participatory Notes
11 World Trade Organization Head Quarters? Geneva
12 ATM without any bank’s specified label? White label ATM
13 CEO of Apple Company? Tim Cook
14 Bhaag Milga Bhaag bollywood movie actor? Fahran Aktar
15 Richest person in India according to Forbes? Mukesh Ambani
16 Ronjan Sodhi is related to which sport? Shooting
17 Govt approved disinvestment of 10% stake of which company recently? (ONGC, SBI, Indian oil corporation) Indian oil corporation
18 23. RTGS limit? 2 lakhs
19 Grey Revolution is associated with? (Meat, Potato, Fertilizer, Petroleum) Fertilizer
20 Male/Female ratio according to 2011 census? 1000:933
21 Bringing out illegal money to visible? Money Laundring
22 Hassan Rouhani is the PM of? Iran

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