SBI PO 2015 Computer Quiz Part -2

Set of questions will help you to grab confidence on questions asked on computer awareness in various competitive examinations like IBPS PO ,MT Exam, Bank PO,Clericals etc.

This will be a computer generated test which will let you to choose the options on every questions and once your answer is over you will be give the result along with correct and incorrect answers, and the explanations will also be provided.

SBI PO 2015 Computer Quiz Part -2

Total Questions=20
Full Marks=40
Pass Marks=20
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1. Which of the
following is a web browser ?

(a) Dreamweaver
(b) WordWeb
(c) Safari
(d) Thunderbird
(e) All of these
2. Editing a document
consists of reading through the document you’ve created, then
(a) Correcting your errors
(b) Printing it
(c) Saving it
(d) Deleting it
(e) None of these
3. Codes consisting
of bars or lines of varying widths or lengths that are computer – readable are
(a) an ASCII code
(b) a magnetic tape
(c) an OCR scanner
(d) a bar code
(e) None of these
4. In addition to keying
data directly into a database, data entry can be done from a (an)
(a) input form
(b) table
(c) field
(d) data dictionary
(e) None of these
5. If you type a word
that is not in word’s dictionary, a wavy _________ underline appears below the

(a) red
(b) green
(c) blue
(d) black
(e) None of these
6. Use the _________,
to choose a slide layout.
(a) Quick Styles gallery
(b) Format gallery
(c) Layout gallery
(d) Layout collection
(e) None of these
7. Which of the
following is the largest unit of storage?
(a) GB
(b) KB
(c) MB
(d) TB
(e) None of these
8. Which of the
following are objects in an acess database ?
(a) table, form
(b) queries, reports
(c) macros, modules
(d) All of the above
(e) None of these
9. The ________ shows
all the web sites and pages that you have visited over a period of time.
(a) status bar
(b) task bar
(c) history list
(d) tool bar
(e) None of these
10. ________ controls
the way in which the computer system functions and provides a means by which

users can interact with the computer.
(a) The platform
(b) The operating system
(c) Application software
(d) The motherboard
(e) None of these
11. An example of
non-numeric data is
(a) Bank balance
(b) Examination marks
(c) Real numbers
(d) Employee address
(e) None of these
12. For seeing the
output, you use
(a) monitor
(b) keyboard
(c) mouse
(d) scanner
(e) None of these
13. Where are
programs and data kept while the processor is using them?
(a) Main memory
(b) Secondary memory
(c) Disk memory
(d) Program memory
(e) None of these
14. What does ‘C’
represent in MICR?
(a) Code
(b) Column
(c) Computer
(d) Character
(e) None of these
15. A CD-RW disk
(a) has a faster access than an internal disk
(b) is a form of optial disk, so it can only be written once
(c) holds less data than a floppy disk
(d) can be erased and rewritten
(e) None of these
16. To take
information from one source and bring it to your computer is referred to as
(a) upload
(b) download
(c) transfer
(d) de-link
(e) None of these
17. Which of the
following could do to remove a paragraph from a report you had written?
(a) Delete and edit
(b) Highlight and delete
(c) Cut and paste
(d) Undo typing
(e) None of these
18. Which equipment
is used to capture information and commands?
(a) Output device
(b) Input device
(c) Storage device
(d) Telecommunication device
(e) None of these
19. A file that
contains definitions of the paragraph and character styles for your document
and all
things you customised like
toolbars and menus is called a
(a) guide
(b) pattern
(c) base document
(d) template
(e) None of these
20. What does APK
stands for?
(a) Android Programmed Kernel
(b) Application Programme Platform
(c) Android Platform Package
(d) Android Application Package
(e) None of these

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