SBI PO 2015: Quantitative Aptitude Quiz Part – 4

SBI PO 2015: Quantitative Aptitude Quiz Part – 4

ReasoningFull Marks = 2*10= 20 (Comment your score)

1) X can work twice as fast as Y. X and Y together can finish a work in 16 days. In how many days can X alone finish the work ?

(A) 16 days
(B) 18 days
(C) 24 days
(D) 32 days

2) Income of two companies A and B are in the ratio of 5:8. Had the income of company ‘A’ been more by 25 Lakhs, the ratio of their income would have been 5:4 respectively. What is the income of company ‘B’?

(A) 4:7
(B) 15:28
(C) 12:35
(D) 5:3
3) The height of a room is 5 m and capacity is 500 cu. m. If the room is square, how much paper of two metre width is required to cover the walls:
(A) 10
(B) 7
(C) 4

(D) None of these

4) In the series given below only one number is wrong. Find out the number

5 , 16 ,49 , 148 , 444 ,1336
5.  A fair coin is tossed repeatedly. If head appears on first 5 tosses then the probability of head appearing on the 6 toss is ?
(A) 1/2
(B) 1/64
(C) 1/32
(D) 5/12
6. A card is drawn at random from a well shuffled pack of cards. The probability of it is being a diamond or an Ace is
(A) 4/13
(B) 9/13
(C) 8/13
(D) 11/26
7. A number increased by 47.6% gives 81.18 , the number is
(A) 67
(B) 55
(C) 48
(D) 50

8.  Anbu and Priyaa travel the same distance at 9 km/hr and 10 km/hr
respectively. If Anbu takes 30 mins longer than Priyaa the distance
travelled by each is

(A) 63
(B) 54
(C) 35
(D) 45

9. What is the time required by a train of length 450 m to cross an electric pole with a speed 36km/hr.

(A) 60 s
(B) 50 s
(C) 55s
(D) 45s

10. Two containers each with capacity 20 liters are filled up to
exactly half level with the mixture of water and milk. The concentration
of milk in each container is 50% and 40% .5 liters Water is added to
each container now. What is the ratio of water in both containers after
adding water?

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