National Animals of Different Nations

In this article we will discuss about national animals of different nations. This compact list of national animals will give you an idea how important that animal is for a particular country. National animal is a Fauna or Animal that is chosen by a country as a Symbol or Emblem for that country or we can say they are cultural symbol of the country. Do you know the national animal of India? Answer is…

royal tiger

The Royal Bengal Tiger


All the national animals mentioned below signify certain principles that a nation stands for. These animals are supposed to be intrinsically related to the culture and eco-system of a particular nation.

List of National Animals of Different Nations

Albania === Eagle, Lion
Armenia === Eagle Dragon
Antigua and Barbuda === Blue Whale
Angola === Magnificent Frigatebird
Argentina === Cougar
Australia === Kangaroo,Emu
Bahamas === Orca,Flamingo
Bangladesh === Royal Bengal Tiger
Belarus === Wisent,White Stork
Belgium === Lion
Belize === Baird’s Tapir
Bhutan === Takin
Bolivia === Llama
Botswana === Zebra
Brazil === Macaw,Jaguar
Bulgaria === Lion
Cambodia === Kouprey
Canada === Beaver,Canadian Horse
ChileAndean === Condor,Huemul
Colombia === Condor
Costa Rica === Clay-colored Thrush,White-tailed Deer
Congo (DRC) === Okapi
China === Chinese dragon,Crane, Giant Panda
Croatia === Dalmatian
CubaCuban === Crocodile
Czech Republic=== Lion
Denmark === Mute Swan
Egypt === Steppe Eagle
El Salvador === Turquoise-browed Motmot
Estonia === Barn Swallow
Ethiopia === Abyssinian Lion
Finland === Brown Bear
France === Gallic rooster
Germany === Black Eagle
Gibraltar === Barbary Macaque
Greece === Dolphin,Phoenix
Grenada === Ostrich
Guatemala === Quetzal
Guyana === Canje Pheasant,Jaguar
Honduras === White-tailed Deer
Hungary === Turul
Iceland === Falcon, Isle of ManManx
India === The Royal Bengal Tiger
Ireland === Stag
Iran === Lion
Iraq=== Goat ( KRG)
Israel === Israeli Gazelle
Italy === Italian Wolf
Cote d’Ivoire === Elephant
Jamaica === Green-and-black Streamertail
Japan === Green Pheasant,Koi
Jordan === Camel
Kenya === Cheetah,Elephant
Kiribati === Magnificent Frigatebird
Latvia === Atlantic Swordfish
Laos=== Elephant
Luxembourg === Lion
Malta === Blue Rock Thrush
Macedonia === Lion,Sarplaninec,Lynx,Ohrid trout, Magpie
Madagascar === Ring Tailed Lemur
Malaysia === Malayan tiger
Mangolia===Przewalski Horse
Mauritius === Dodo
Mexico === Chihuahua
Moldova === Aurochs
Namibia === Oryx
Nauru === Great Frigatebird
Nepal === Cow
Netherlands === Lion
New Caledonia === Kagu
Nigeria === Eagle
Nicaragua === Turquoise-browed Motmot
North Korea === Chollima
Norway === Elk
New Zealand === Kiwi,sheep,Tuatara
Pakistan === Markhor
Palestine === Palestine Sunbird
Panama === Harpy Eagle
Papua New Guinea === Birds of Paradise
Peru === Vicuna
Philippines === Carabao
Poland === White-tailed Eagle,Wisent
Portugal === Barcelos cock
Republic of China === Formosan Black Bear
Romania === Lynx
Russia === Bear
Serbia === Wolf
Saint Kitts and Nevis === Vervet Monkey
Singapore === Merlion,Crimson Sunbird
Somalia === Leopard
South Africa === Springbok,Elephant
South Korea === Tiger
Spain === Bull
Sri Lanka === Lion
Sudan === Secretary Bird
Sweden === Moose
Thailand === Thai elephant
Turkey === Gray Wolf
Trinidad and Tobago === Scarlet Ibis
Uganda === Grey Crowned Crane
United Arab Emirates === Falcon
United Kingdom === Lion
United States === Bald Eagle
Vietnam === Water Buffalo
Venezuela === Turpial
Zambia === Hyena
Zimbabwe === Sable Antelope


Hope you liked our compact list of national animals of all over the world. A nation can have an animal, tree, bird, or an object as its national symbol. If someone knows the national animals of Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, San Marino, Burma/Myanmar Monaco, Uzbekistan, Seychelles, Slovakia then please give us info in comment section.

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