Useful Questions for Upcoming Railway Recruitment Board

RRB exam is coming. Not rural bank one, I am talking about Railway Recruitment Board exam. Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) conducts an exam to recruit eligible candidates for various posts in railway department. So, applicants need to have proper knowledge of Railway Exam GK sectionHere I am giving you some of my guessed questions that may come in your exam in GK section. At the bottom of the article, I am giving a link of Railway Budget Highlights also. Do read it. I have prepared a very good short notes for SSC GK that can prove to be very useful for your RRB exam as well.

So here is the list of some important GK questions for RRB

1.National Institute of Oceanography is located in which city?

2.Air India on 7th March flew”world’s longest”all-women-operated flight from Delhi TO which City?

3.Which is female harmone?
Ans- Estrogen

4.Central Drug Research Institute is located in?
Ans- Lucknow

5.Thumba Rocket Launching satelite is located in?

6. The C. K. Nayudu Trophy is related to which sport?

7.The earliest known Indian script is-
Ans-Brahmi script

8.How many times the preamble was amended?

9.The state with the lowest population in India is?

10.How many Island does Lakshwadeep consists of-

11.Which Mughal Emperor donated land for construction of Golden Temple at Amritsar?

12.All India Radio commenced operations in?


Highest, Largest, Longest, Smallest and Biggest

1.Highest Tower — Kutab Minar at Delhi (88.4 meters high)
2.Largest Desert– Thar (Rajasthan)
3.Largest District — Kutch district
4.Fastest Train — Shatabadi Express running between New Delhi and Bhopal
5.State with longest coastline — Gujarat
6.State with longest coastline of South India — Andhra Pradesh
7.Longest Electric Railway Line– From Delhi to Kolkata via Patna
8.Longest Railway Route– From Assam to Kanyakumari
9.Longest Railway Platform — Gorakhpur railway station, Uttar Pradesh,
10.Highest Railway Station — Ghum (W. Bengal)
11. Largest Railway Yard : Mughalsarai Junction
12.Longest Tunnel — Jawahar tunnel (Jammu & Kashmir)
13.Longest Highway– NH-44 (NH-7) which turns from Varanasi to Kanyakumari
14.Smallest State (Population) Sikkim
15.Smallest State (Area) — Goa
16.Largest State (Area) — Rajasthan
17.Largest State (Population) — Uttar Pradesh
18.Densest Populated State — West Bengal
19.Largest Cave — Amarnath (J&K)
20.Largest Cave Temple — Kailash Temple, Ellora (Maharastra)
21.Largest Animal Fair– Sonepur (Bihar)
22.Largest Auditorium — Sri Shanmukhanand Hall (Mumbai)
23.Biggest Hotel — Oberai-Sheraton (Mumbai)


Let’s us check some interesting facts and figures about Indian Railway:– Click me


Some more GK for RRB

1. VAT is imposed–
Answer: On all stages between production and final sale

2. Which of the following is considered lending for promotion of exports?
Answer: Packing Credit

3. The largest source of National Income in India is–
Answer: Service Sector

4. ‘Public Sector’ means–
Answer: Government ownership on commerce and trade

5. UNDP has introduced a new poverty index known as–
Answer: Multi-dimensional Poverty Index

6. As per Census 2011, Kerala holds the maximum sex-ratio among states which stands at–
Answer: 1084

7. Which constitutes the maximum share in power generation?
Answer: Thermal Power

8. Rekhi Committee was constituted in 1992 which was associated with–
Answer: Indirect taxes (Excise and Custom duty) regulations

9. Forward Markets Commission is a financial regulator of–
Answer: Commodity Future Markets

10. Railway Budget in India was separated from general budget in–
Answer: 1924-25




Have a glance on Railway Budget 2016


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