How to solve Verbal Reasoning’s Direction Sense Test Questions?

Verbal reasoning has a very important chapter called– Directions. Direction sense test questions are not very tough to handle. The concept behind the directions is same that we use in our day to day life. We go to market, move left and right then up and down…we go far from our destination. Questions are asked in which direction we are right now from our home. This direction sense test is nothing but a precise of sensing the direction. To solve these types of questions you will need to make a sketch of the data provided in a rough paper. We will try to describe all tricks and tips regarding verbal reasoning’s direction sense test questions. Direction sense test questions are essential part of SSC, IBPS, Railway, CSAT or any other competitive exam covers at least 2-3 questions used to check the Imagination power and decision making caliber of any candidate.These are most easy question and should be solve within 2-3 second after reading the statement of question.

Concept behind Direction Sense Test

We all know how many directions we have to deal – North, South, East and West

four directions

We have four Cardinal Directions – North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West


Now you know all the directions. Now you will have to notice, if a man stands facing the sun in some particular direction then where his shadow will fall?

  • During sunrise if a person stands facing the east, his shadow will be towards the west.
  • During sunset the shadow of an object is always in the east.
  • If a persons stands facing the North, at the time of sunrise his shadow will fall towards his left side and at the time of sunset it will be towards his right side.
  • At 12:00 noon, the rays of the sun are vertically downward hence there will be no shadow.

Now try to solve this question:–

After Sunrise, Hritik while going to college suddenly met with Poonam at a crossing point. Poonam’s shadow was exactly to right of Hritik. If they were facing each other on which direction was Hritik facing?

Sol. Always Sun rises in the East Direction. So Shadow falls towards West
directions 6



Rule 1: All LEFT turn will be taken ANTICLOCKWISE.

Rule 2: All RIGHT turn will be taken CLOCKWISE.

How to use four tracing method :–

  1. Draw 4 and write all directions on each edge of it same as shown in Figure 1 (above).
  2. Think the You are standing at all arrow head facing outward from centre.
  3. Read the line by line.
  4. Move yourself as per statement asked and prepare a diagram as per line by line statement.
  5. Check and verify the direction and distance of you from starting point.

Remember the following rules:

Rule 1: All LEFT turn will be taken ANTICLOCKWISE.

Rule 2: All RIGHT turn will be taken CLOCKWISE.


We keep track of direction is primarily based on the sun or the Pole Star. All we are aware of that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so there is four major directions that we prepared based on positioning of the sun, which is South, East, North and West and four sub directions are North-East, South-East, North-West and South-West that we discussed on the top of the article. The main aim of this type of examination is to test the candidate’s knowledge of direction and ability to trace and follow or we can say sense the path or direction. Now In this type of direction sense test problems, what we have to do is to make a diagram as quickly as possible on a paper as per the question given. The direction sense test problems involves a person moving in the given directions and the candidate is asked to find out the distance from the initial point or direction in which the person in the question is standing etc.
For example you are given a question like below:

Question: Himesh starts to walk towards east from his home and traveled 15 meters. He then takes a left turn and walked 10m. Again he takes a right turn and walked 07m finally he takes a right turn and walks 10m and takes his destination. So how far is he from his starting position and which direction is he facing?
And the options are:

  1. 22 meters west
  2. 22 meters east
  3. 22 meters south-west
  4. 22 meters north-east

Solution: For solving the question, you might take to draw a diagram on paper. For example consider 2cm as a 5m, You have to think that you are travelling the distance. The most important thing to care about is ‘in which direction the person starts’. So read the question very carefully first and then start as the given points of solution are below:
In the question above the person Himesh starts walking in east direction as given.

  • Himesh starts to walk towards east and walk 15 meters, Make a line going straight up as given below and mark it 15m. think yourself as you have traveled 15m in the east direction.


  • Now as per the question, Himesh takes a left turn and walks 10m. so move your line to 10m in left direction as shown below.


  • Again Himesh takes a right turn and walks 07m. so again move your line to 07m right as given below in the diagram.


  • At last he takes a right turn and walks 10m. so again move your line to 10m right as given below diagram.


  • Finally with the help of last diagram, you can easily find out which direction Himesh is facing.

Answer: So Himesh is 15+07 = 22 meters far from his home and direction he is facing is east.

Hope this helpful for you to clear the concept direction based questions. Please send your feedback and suggestion on comment section below and all. Best wishes for your exam!!!


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