Features of Talgo Train introduced in Indian Railway

Indian Railways on Sunday (29 May, 2016) conducted the first ever trial run for high-speed Talgo train of Spain on the Bareilly-to-Moradabad stretch in Uttar Pradesh as part of the Indian Railways’ strategy to increase the speed of trains. Indian Railways will be importing 30 new coaches from the Spanish firm to introduce the high speed train on Delhi-Mumbai route, reducing the travel time by two hours fifteen minutes. Indian Railway tested the Taglo train for three months at different speeds of 120, 130, 160 and 200 km per hour.

10 Features of Talgo Train that  You Must Know

1. Talgo train put India into a select club of nations with operational semi-high speed capacity of 160-200 km per hour.

2. It has 4,500 horse power engine.

3. Talgo is a very high speed train developed by Patentes Talgo (Tren Articulado Ligero Goicoechea Oriol), a Spanish company. It is manufactured by the consortium of Patentes Talgo and Bombardier Transportation.

4. Talking about its interior, the nine-coach Talgo train consists of two Executive Class cars, four Chair Cars, a cafeteria, a power car and a tail-end coach for staff and equipment.

5. Besides reducing travel time, Talgo’s lighter trains consume 30 per cent less energy which will help railways reduce their power bill.

6. These trains are already running in several places in Asia and the USA.

7. It will cut time travel by 30 % and expected to reach in 12 hours from Delhi to Mumbai.

8. Its coaches can save upto INR 1 Crore every year because of less maintenance .

9. Without deceleration of speed the train moves on the curved tracks.

10. Talgo aluminium coaches are imported from Barcelona and harboured at Mumbai port.

The train sets also feature upgraded food service, which many passengers have demanded. The revenue from the upgraded dining options will have a positive effect on train finances in multiple ways, including increased revenue from growth in food sales as well as a positive effect on ridership.

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