Notes on HRIDAY -Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana

Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana- HRIDAY


Heritage areas are neglected, overcrowded with inadequate basic services and infrastructure, such as water supply, sanitation, roads, etc. Basic amenities like toilets, signage, street lights are missing. Multiple institutions and unclear regulatory framework for financing and managing urban heritage assets and landscapes, as well as weak capacity of ULBs have created major challenges for managing these heritage cities. That is why HRIDAY scheme was launched.


HRIDAY scheme aims at holistic development of the entire city- its planning, its basic services, quality of life to its communities, its economy and livelihoods, cleanliness, security. The scheme will help explore the full potential of the rich and diverse natural, historic and cultural resources of India to its full advantage.


  • The project duration is four years from December 2014.
  • It is a central sector scheme with 100 percent funding coming from Central Government.
  • It is being implemented by Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD).
  • Cities will be required to prepare Heritage Management Plan for the city and develop Detailed Project Reports for identified projects for availing assistance under the scheme.
  • The projects will be executed by PWOs/SPVs/CPSUs/State Para-statals/ NGO‘s of repute and fund will be allocated to Executing agencies by MoUD on the recommendation of Mission Directrorate.
  • NIUA is designated as National Project Management Unit for HRIDAY Scheme and will function as a secretariat for Mission.
  • The scheme will support infrastructure projects which link heritage facilities with trunk infrastructure of the city.

Some Important Abbreviations 

  • PWO- Public Works Organisation
  • CPSU- Central Public Sector Unit
  • SPV- Special Purpose Vehicle
  • NIUA- National Institute of Urban Affairs


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