India third largest oil consumer behind US and China

Do you know? On 9 June, 2016 India has surpassed Japan to become the world’s third-largest crude oil consumer, with its oil demand galloping 8.1 per cent in 2015, according to BP Statistical Review of World Energy released on Wednesday. With demand of 4.1 million barrels per day, India is the third-largest consumer behind US (19.39 million bpd) and China (11.96 million bpd). India accounted for 4.5 per cent of world oil consumption in 2015. India’s demand growth surpassed China’s 6.3 per cent expansion.

In 2008, India surpassed Japan as Asia’s second largest energy user after China, consuming 515.2 million tons of oil equivalent (MMtoe) compared to 469.0 MMtoe for the region’s second largest economy. The growth in Indian energy use has been impressive.

Top 10 Crude Oil Consumer Countries

Rank Country
1 United States
2 China
3 India
4 Japan
5 Russian Federation
6 Brazil
7 Saudi Arabia
8 Canada
9 Germany
10 Korea

Little about BP Statistical Review of World Energy

  • BP aka British Petroleum, is one of the world’s seven “supermajor” oil and gas companies.
  • Since 1951, BP has annually published its Statistical Review of World Energy, which is considered an energy industry benchmark
  • It’s headquartered in London, England, United Kingdom.
  • The BP Statistical Review of World Energy provides high-quality objective and globally consistent data on world energy markets.

Did you know?

1. Top three countries by oil production are United States of America, Saudi Arabia (OPEC) and Russia.

2. India’s rank in oil production is 20.

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