Govt. changed names of India’s Three High Courts

Government of India (Law Ministry) changes names of 3 high courts –

  1. From Calcutta High Court to Kolkata High Court
  2. From Bombay High Court to Mumbai High Court
  3. From Madras High Court to Chennai High Court

India’s top courts finally “updated” their British colonial-era names after more than two decades of lobbying by nationalist politicians. There have been demands to rename the high courts as Mumbai High Court and Chennai High Court.

To see the list of India’s different High Courts’ benches /branches/headquarters

Click me. (PDF)

Some facts:-

  1. President of India can only change the names of Indian High Courts. The government vests the President with powers to rename the courts after consulting the state authorities and concerned chief justices.
  2. The Bombay High Court was inaugurated on August 14, 1862.
  3. ‘Indian High Court Act’ of 1861, vested in the Queen of England to issue letters patent to establish high courts of Calcutta, Madras and Bombay.

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