Highlights of NATO Summit 2016

Highlights of NATO Summit 2016

On 9th July 2016, NATO Summit was concluded at Warsaw, Poland. It was 2 days long summit (8 July and 9 July). NATO which started in 1949, it was its 27th NATO summit. President of USA Barack Obama, Polish president Andrzej Duda and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attended this important summit. The theme or tagline or Warsaw Summit 2016 was :- “NATO in Defence of Peace: 2016 and Beyond“.

Talking briefly (summarizing) this NATO summit, it was held with an aim to reform NATO partnership policy, to discuss situation of Eastern Europe and debate about future nuclear strategies etc. It was also agreed to deploy more troops along borders of Poland and Estonia.

The agenda of the biannual summit included – Highlights of NATO 2016

• The secnario and bad condition of Eastern Europe.

• The risks emanating from the Middle East.

• Reform of NATO’s partnership policy.

NATO’s planned enlargement in Georgia.

• Debate about the future nuclear strategy of the Alliance.

At the end of the summit, the leaders agreed to deploy more troops along its eastern borders in Poland and Estonia. Apart from that the leaders also supported Georgia’s membership aspirations.

About NATO

EU(European Union) and NATO(North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) currently both have 28 members and headquarter in BRUSSELS (BELGIUM).

♦ Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium.
♦ Founded: April 4, 1949.
♦ Incumbent Secretary General is Jens Stoltenberg.
♦ NATO was formed after the World War II as a counter to threat from Soviet Russia’s invasion on Western Europe.
♦ At the time of formation, only 12 countries, including Canada and the are members to NATO.
♦ In 1954, Soviet Russia intended to join citing that its joining will help preserve peace NATO but USA and UK prevented it.
♦ Russia was given a formal role in 1997 and an improved role in 2002.
♦ The greatest responsibility of the alliance is to protect and defend NATO’s territory and populations.

Do You Know :
NATO full form is – North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It started on 4th 1949 based on intergovernmental military alliance. As of now it has 28 members which includes major countries of North America and Europe.

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