Malcolm Turnbull becomes Australia’s New Prime Minister

On 19th July 2016 Malcolm Turnbull was sworn in for another term as the Prime Minister of Australia for another term. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull is the 29th and current Prime Minister of Australia and the Leader of the Liberal Party. Just after a narrow election victory, Turnbull was sworn in with budget repair and a public vote on same sex marriage among his top priorities. He was sworn in at Government House in Canberra by Governor General Peter Cosgrove, Queen Elizabeth II’s representative in Australia, and has broadly stuck with the same team of ministers he took to the election. Shortly after he was sworn in Mr Turnbull introduced his Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries who were also sworn in, pledging their allegiance to Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Australia. All members of the previous cabinet have been reappointed, with some ministers shifted to new portfolios.Mr Pyne has been appointed to the newly created role of Minister for Defence Industry, which will oversee the development of military technology and South Australia’s shipbuilding project.

Know About Malcolm Turnbull – 

• He is the 29th and current Prime Minister of Australia and also the Leader of the Liberal Party.

• On 14th September 2015, he assumed both offices after defeating Tony Abbott in a leadership election. He was subsequently elected in his own right at the 2016 federal election.

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