Terrorist truck attack at Nice in France

In France, death toll has increased to 84 in the terror attack where  a lorry ploughed through a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in the southern city of Nice. Many children are among those who died in the attack. Several dozen people were reported dead after a truck plowed through crowds celebrating the country’s independence day. The government identified the attacker as a 31-year-old native of Tunisia, extended a national state of emergency and absorbed the shock of a fourth major terrorist attack in 19 months. That man drove truck into crowds of people celebrating France’s national day in Nice, killing at least 84 people.

202: Total people wounded.

52: The wounded still in critical condition.

25: The wounded who are also on life support.

84: Total people killed.

10: Those killed who were children/teenagers.

Major Terrorist Attack in France in the year 2016

  • 7 Paris, 7 January 2016–Moroccan-born man wielding a meat cleaver tries to attack police station
  • 8 Valence, 1 January 2016–Man tries to run down troops guarding a mosque
  • 9 Magnanville, 13 June 2016–Police officer and partner killed at their home in knife attack
  • 10 Nice, 15 July 2016–At least 84 dead in truck attack during Bastille Day celebrations

It struck at the heart of a city considered a tourist hotspot for its beautiful beaches and vibrant crowds. And like previous attacks, it left a stunned nation reeling from yet another mass killing and its people asking: Why France again?

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