PARAM ISHAN – Super Computer at IIT Guwahati

The Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar has finally inaugurated the super computer PARAM ISHAN at IIT Guwahati campus.

However, PARAM ISHAN is the fastest and most powerful computer in North East, Eastern and Southern region of India outside Bengaluru (Karnataka).


• PARAM ISHAN is known to be jointly developed by IIT Guwahati and C -DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing).

• However, it has a peak computing power of 250 Teraflops and three hundred tera bites capacity.

• PARAM-ISHAN have power of 250 Teraflops and three hundred tera bites capacity and this will not only augment the research initiatives in the Institute, but also help in creating an ecosystem for attracting right talents to the field of research.

• Potential applications: It can be used research initiatives such as computational chemistry, computational electromagnetic, computational fluid dynamics, civil engineering structures, nana-block self-assemble, optimization etc.

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