India won Kabaddi World Cup 2016 beating Iran

India won Kabaddi World Cup 2016 beating Iran

India staged a heroic comeback in the second half to beat Iran and lift the World Cup for third time in a row. India beat Iran 38-29 to win 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. A stellar come from behind win for India as they trounce Iran for the third successive time in a Kabaddi World Cup final. Ajay Thakur was the star performer claiming 12 points in the final.  Iran fought valiantly and surprised everybody taking the lead going in to first half break at 18-13, but Thakur changed the momentum in the second half. Nitin Tomar put in a memorable performance and India’s fantastic defence ensured an Indian win.

What is Kabaddi?

  1. Kabaddi is a contact sport that had originated in ancient India.
  2. Kabaddi is an umbrella term which encompasses various forms of the game including International rules Kabaddi.
  3. It is the national game of Bangladesh and is known as hadudu.
  4. Kabaddi was included in Asian Indoor Games during 2nd Asian Indoor Games at Macau-SAR China in 1997.
  5. Kabaddi achieved one more success when it was included in Asian Beach Games during 1st Asian Beach Games at Bali-Indonesia in 1998 and that too for Men & Women both.
  6. In India, it is the state game of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab.
  7. It also encompasses similar sports known by their regional names in Indian states such as chedugudu in Andhra Pradesh, sadugudu in Tamil Nadu and hututu in Maharashtra.

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