Canadian Govt will give asylum to 1200 Yazidi Refugees

The Canadian Govt. will give asylum to 1200 Yazidi refugees. It was announced on 21st Feb 2017 by Canadian Govt. This step has been taken by the Govt. to save the Yazidis of Iraq from genocide at the hands of Islamic extremists. The announcement comes in the wake of House of Common’s unanimous endorsement of the Conservative plan to salter Yazidis.

Important Information regarding this asylum

• This rescue operation started on 25th October 2016.

• Canada has already airlifted around 400 refugees during the last few months.

• The whole exercise is going to cost 28 million Canadian $ approximately.

• Yazidis are considered polytheistic heretics by the hardcore Islamists because the former people have faith in some non-Arabic and non-Muslim practices.

• The Muslims that Yazidis worship the Saturn instead of Allah.

The Canadian government plans to involve private parties also in the rehabilitation work for the Yazidi refugees. Most of the refugees being resettled hail from Iraq. However, the government would welcome those Yazidis as well who belong to Lebanon and Turkey. According to the Govt. the refugee settlement plan has the backing of the authorities in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and it has the consent of the Iraqi government to operate in the region.

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