Trivendra Singh Rawat took charge as Uttarakhand CM

The BJP’s Trivendra Singh Rawat, who also served himself as a  RSS pracharak, took oath as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand on 18 March, 2017. . The BJP got a massive victory in Uttarakhand winning 56 of the 70 seats. Mr Rawat, who was very close to the party chief Amit Shah during the 2014 national election, was also a minister of Uttarakhand. Prakash Pant and Satpal Maharaj were also contenders for the post. Mr Rawat swore in as Uttarakhand Chief Minister at Dehradun’s Parade Ground on 18th March. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah attended the swearing-in ceremony. Mr Rawat became the 9th Chief Minister of Uttarakhand.

About Trivendra Rawat

  1. He is 56 years old.
  2. His father Pratap Singh Rawat was in Garhwal Rifles
  3. He was a former associate of PM Narendra Modi.
  4. He was also an agriculture Minister in the previous BJP government in Uttarakhand.
  5. Trivendra’s Rawat RSS background (since 1979) helped him enjoy the trust of the BJP leadership.
  6. He was a third-term MLA from Doiwala seat in Pauri Garhwal district.
  7. He is well known for his fierce loyalty to the BJP
  8. He never shifted allegiance to any other party.

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