Tornado Warning for Ohio, Texas and Indiana

The counties like Dearborn, Fayette, Franklin, Ohio, Ripley, Switzerland, Union and Wayne are on a high alert because a tornado is on the way to these areas with maximum speed. As of now, tornado warning that was issued for multiple counties across Northeast Ohio have expired. With the speed of 30 mph approximately, the tornado hit into the areas near Leavittsburg and seven miles northwest of Warren. The rain falling rapidly in copious quantity may lead to flash flooding. People are warned by the respective authority not to drive cars.

tornado warning
Flash Flood Warnings issued for parts of Greene, Monroe, and Brown counties

The tornado warning expired at 4 pm for the following areas :-

  • Portage
  • Geauga
  • Cuyahoga
  • Summit

A weather radar indicated that the tornado may enter the areas near Solon at a high speed.  

A Brief View of Tornado Warning


A severe thunderstorm entered the North Texas area and led to imminent danger to life and property. A widespread damage by the thunderstorm has been reported, that converted into a tornado. On the other hand, a funnel cloud covered the Lake Worth area. North Texas also faced a big damage because of the storms. In Saginaw, a whole structure of an under-construction building collapsed. The residential areas near north Fort Worth were also affected by the storms. According to a report, two people were heavily injured by a tree falling on them.

On Sunday, 230 out of 900 daily flights were cancelled according to the American Airlines reports. In Tarrant county, people are living without electricity since several hours.


According to a report of National Weather, three tornadoes struck various parts of central Indiana saturday evening, and that the number was expected to increase.

What people are advised?

People are advised not to drive cars and keep an eye on the news if they have access to internet. If possible, people should move to the interior rooms on the lowest floor of strongly built buildings. Close the windows properly. Protect yourself from the flying debris.

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