What You Need To Know About Web Developers

Websites have changed over the years. As the World Wide Web has grown, along with technological advances, the way a page looks and operates has also been altered. Now, there are hundreds of browsers, smartphones, computers, and tablets, and all kinds of apps to customize your online experience. None of this would be possible, however, without the web developer—a person who works on the front and back end of websites.

If you’re looking for a Canadian web developer to work on your website, then keep reading. Here is what you need to know about web developers:

1. It’s all in the design

The templates chosen, along with the design that the web designer comes up with, is going to restrict what can be done with the website. Web developments must adhere to the design, because the web designer is the architect, and they know what the latest trends are. From there, the web developer follows the instructions and transforms that into code. Sometimes they use templates. Others will make a website from scratch. Either way, the codes reflect the design, which is why web developers and designers often work together.

2. Your website can be already obsolete

One thing that any web developer will tell you is that websites age rapidly. In Canada, as more and more people set up online reputations, the turnover rate of information accelerates. Now, the changes in technology, coupled with algorithm changes and machine learning, make it impossible to keep any website the same for too long. In fact, without continuous aid from a web developer, any website that has gone unchanged for two years or long is considered obsolete.

3. Web developers have a lot of responsibilities

Compared to web designers, Canadian web developers have a broad range of skills that allows them to navigate the layers of a website effortlessly. Web developments handle all the technical aspects of constructing a website, including building it based on the plan and then maintaining the pages to keep them modern and relevant.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Building the user interface and website prototypes for a number of wireframes
  • Create applications using programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Using codes to create applications and websites that operate well across multiple platforms and browsers
  • Updating websites to meet current standards
  • Troubleshooting website issues

4. The codes used affect how your website looks

Now, have you ever compared the same website across browsers? Even if your website looks incredible on Google Chrome, it might have something that renders it useless on Firefox or Microsoft Edge. This is why hiring a Canadian web developer for your business is essential—because they know the codes that allow for cross-browser compatibility.

5. Web development follows strict standards

The best web developers are those who follow the standards for HTML and CSS that were laid out by the W3C. This ensures that websites will function as intended, without delivering less than spectacular experiences for you and your target audience.


Web developers deal with accessibility, construction, and even web standards on a daily basis, making them an essential part of the team. If you are looking to create a website or start an online business, you should consider talking to a developer to ensure you are putting your best foot forward.

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