Ancient Indian History Questions/MCQs for practice for SSC, Civil services exams.  Here are some MCQs or you can say practice set for Ancient Indian History. Answers are given below. Read the questions carefully and answer. 1. What was the rate of land revenue as given in the dharma shastras? (a) 4-Jan (b) 8-Jan (c) 6-Jan (d) […]

Science and Technology

1. Leather shoes are often covered by patches of a greenish fluffy mass during the rainy season, if unattended for sometime. This is due to the growth of a:(a) bacterium(b) blue-green algae(c) green algae(d) fungus 2. Freshly passed urine has hardly any smell but when it is allowed to stand, it develops a strong ammonical […]

Geo – N.C.E.R.T

1.Question: Where is Fort William located ?1) Chennai 2) Goa 3) Kolkata 4) Mysore 2.Question: Which of these Cities located in the state of Gujarat is famous for zari production?1) Surat 2) Rajkot 3) Surendranagar 4) Ahmedabad 3.Question: Which State in India is the largest producer of Soyabean?1) Rajasthan 2) Gujarat 3) Uttar Pradesh 4) […]

Indian History Questions

1.Which one of the following is correctly matched? Bhavabbuti – Kiratarjuneeya Bharavi – Malatimadhava Bana- Harshacharita Bhartruhari – Gita Govinda 2.In Sanskrit plays written during the Gupta period, women & sudras speak Pali Prakrit Sanskrit Sauraseni 3. Which of the following statements are associated with the Sangam Age in South Indian history?1. The whole of […]

UNION BUDGET 2012 Important Highlights

81st Union Budget of independent India for the financial year 2012 – 2013 has been presented by Pranab Mukherjee, the Finance Minister of India in Lok Sabha on 16th March 2012 . He has presented his 7th budget of carrier and joined the league of P Chidambaram, Yashwant Sinha, Y B Chavan and C D […]

Economy (2012)

1.  Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the Budget 2012-13 proposed raising     custom duty on gold from 2 per cent to _________.     a) 4 per cent     b) 5 per cent     c) 6 per cent     d) 8 per cent     e) None of the above 2.  How much amount has been given to the PSU Banks and Financial Institutions […]