SBI mains descriptive essay topics

sbi mains essay

We have tried our best to cover the latest hot issues that may come in your SBI mains descriptive test–essay section. 

We will discuss here essays or you can say descriptive test topics for SBI mains 2015. We have chosen some essays/topics for you which might come in your SBI mains exam. Some topics which is hyperlinked are already discussed in my previous posts, so you can click and read them. Other topics, we will discuss later in upcoming days. You might get these topics in the upcoming descriptive exam i.e. SBI PO Mains. Being recently in news, they are the hot topics for discussion.—(at least we assume this)

6. India and USA Relationship on Smart Cities, Comment

7. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, retirement from Test Cricket – it is too early.

8. To Keep Ganga Clean the puja’s should not be performed on the bank of the river, do you agree? 

9. What do you understand by ‘governance’? Critically analyse the challenges to governance and the elements of good governance.

10. Lalit-GATE issue.

9. What is happening to Indonesian Flights? Is it merely an accident or carelessness?

12. Ordinance Policy of Modi Government

14. Write about Made in China 2015

13.  In the light of recently released Socio Economic and Caste Census (SECC), examine how poverty has been defined in India by various committees and commissions. Also critically comment how poverty in India is linked to the caste factor.

14. El Nino and La-Lina – Relationship with Mansoon

15. E-governance – Issues, applications – Comprehensive Coverage

16. Yoga and its Benefits–Yoga Day Prospects

Later added topics by our viewers:-

1. Net Neutrality 

General Topics

1. Value of Computer Education
2. Economic Development And Social Justice
3. Role Of Media In Our Society
4. Mobile Phone : Advantages And Disadvantages
5. Have We Become Slaves Of Technology ?
Good news:-
You can send us your own written essay from any of the above topic (do not send us copy-paste essays). Best essays will be published in our website with your name  (mention your name in the end of the essay). 

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